Microfluidic Scientist at Fluidic Analytics
Cambridge, GB

We are looking for outstanding microfluidic scientists to develop next-generation instruments for protein analysis – from lab tools right now to consumer healthcare in the future. Together with a small, multidisciplinary team you will

  • design, test, and improve microfluidic chip concepts as well as the fluidic control system from the very beginning of the product cycle.
  • use your exceptional problem-solving skills to quickly and effectively overcome technical challenges to provide solutions that will allow our demanding customers to obtain unprecedented results in their protein studies.
  • innovate, search for and identify new microfluidic designs and technologies to play an integral role in achieving and even broadening the Company’s ambitious long-term product development goals.
  • present and develop your inventive ideas leading to patents that will underwrite Fluidic Analytics’ role as a global player at the forefront of the field of protein analysis.
  • play an active role in early-stage customer interactions and contribute gainfully to users’ experimental plans by providing expert guidance on how to obtain the most exciting data with our instruments. By doing so you will experience the thrill of witnessing the very first scientific results enabled by our efforts together.

  You can expect an ambitious, exciting role in a high-performance environment and an attractive compensation package.

More details:

Purpose of the job: 

  • to design and develop novel microfluidic systems and consumables for ground-breaking life-science and medical-diagnostic instruments.

Responsibilities and Duties

Design, develop and reduce to practice new and innovative microfluidic chip designs

  • Design, evaluate and improve prototype microfluidic chip designs based on the Company’s proprietary steady-state laminar-flow technology
  • Optimise successful prototype chips to allow their production by commercial manufacturing methods
  • Monitor in-service performance of microfluidic chip designs already in production and implement appropriate improvements where required

Ensure that the Company’s products reliably deliver high accuracy and precision to end users

  • Develop and implement robust calibration, release and in-service monitoring systems
    Test prototype and newly built instruments to identify and resolve problems with hardware that impact performance
  • Provide troubleshooting technical support for the application and sales teams
  • Proactively seek design improvements to enhance the performance of the Company’s products
  • Investigate and quantify the effect of variations of key parameters on output data and results via experimental and finite-element-simulation methods
  • Ensure that algorithms used within the instrument produce precise and accurate outputs
  • Ensure that modifications to the design of the Company’s disposable chips and readers are well characterised and accounted for in the Company’s software
  • Ensure that user requirements, product specifications and other relevant information are appropriately documented in the Company’s Quality Management System

Actively contribute to the development of the Company's long-term product pipeline

  • Proactively search for and identify new microfluidic designs, technologies and strategies to help the Company realise its long-term product development goals
  • Use innovative combinations of experimental, finite-element-simulations and other approaches to identify viable design strategies and guide resource allocation for the Company’s pipeline development efforts
  • Play an active role in blue-skies activities to open new avenues for future product development

Proactively shape the long-term commercial viability of the Company’s disposable chip model

  • Continuously improve product design strategies that ensure an optimal balance of disruptive features and performance, high-impact end-user benefits, and long-term sustainable production costs
  • Develop and maintain an up-to-date understanding of the commercial and academic state-of-the-art of the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices
  • Identify new suppliers of microfluidic components and maintain relationships with key suppliers
  • Contribute to patent filings, freedom-to-operate assessments and other IP-related activities

Play an active role in the Company’s efforts to connect with current and future customers and collaborations

  • Work with the Applications Team to find innovative solutions for specific customer applications
  • Monitor and evaluate literature to assess the state of progress of possible competitors and to scout for technologies that could enhance the Company’s product platform
  • Participate in academic collaborations
  • Write and review scientific papers

About you/ Requirements of the candidate

  • PhD in natural sciences with a strong background in transport phenomena at small scale, or a Master’s degree with at least 3 years of suitable experience
  • Proven track record in microfluidic device design and implementation beneficial
  • Previous experience developing laboratory instruments highly beneficial but not essential
  • Familiarity with CAD, python and FEM software packages advantageous
  • Fact-based communication and exceptional problem solving approach
  • Ambition to strive for technical excellence
  • Independent, efficient and precise approach to work and strong attention to detail
  • Awareness of the roles of timing, documentation and commercial considerations
  • Ability to work in the dynamic environment of a small, rapidly growing company
  • Competence, integrity and communication skills

To apply please send your CV and a covering letter.