Graduate Research Technician at CS Genetics
Cambridge, GB

CS Genetics is developing pathbreaking new technology for genomics, based on foundational scientific insights and sophisticated conceptual innovations in NGS techniques. Our work will accelerate basic biologic research and enable lifesaving new clinical diagnostics. We have an extremely skilled team, a large global intellectual property estate, and amongst the most inventive, ambitious technology roadmaps in life science.

We’re developing a radically-new, instrument-free platform for single-cell sequencing with disruptive throughput and experimental ease. We’re growing our Cambridge R&D team to help launch a new era of NGS-based cellular analysis.

Position Summary

We’re looking for an audacious and dedicated graduate to join our genomics R&D team as a Research Technician for a 12-month role. The ideal candidate will have solid knowledge and understanding of laboratory techniques in a relevant field, and a willingness to learn and master important new laboratory methods and skills; they will bring a precise and organised style to their R&D work; they will have a keen intellectual interest in DNA sequencing technologies and their applications; they will have a keen personal interest in saving and extending lives through life science R&D.

This will be a much more challenging graduate role than most. It will be a broad crash-course in new and existing research methods, and in intellectual and practical underpinnings of serious off-piste life science innovation.

Key Responsibilities


  • Perform cutting-edge hands-on labwork to develop new technology for genomics and diagnostics
  • Quickly learn, quickly master, and quickly apply major molecular and chemical biology laboratory techniques
  • Contribute substantively to our technology-development roadmap
  • Work with a team of other laboratory scientists developing new ways of using NGS for research and medicine
  • Communicate experimental results via oral updates, written reports, and technical meetings


Required Skills and Background

  • BA/BSc or equivalent in molecular biology, bioengineering, chemistry, biochemistry, genetics/genomics, biophysics or similar relevant subject
  • Broad knowledge of one of the following:
    • Molecular biology techniques (e.g. PCR/qPCR, RT, electrophoresis, DNA sequencing, etc.)
    • Chemistry techniques applicable to biomolecules like nucleic acids (e.g. modification and conjugation of oligonucleotides, detection with spectroscopic techniques like UV and fluorescence, surface chemistries for nucleic acid technologies, etc.)
  • Understanding of NGS sequencing platforms and interest in the chemistry/physics/biology interface
  • Attention to detail in hands-on labwork, in record-keeping, and in communications with others
  • Willingness to learn new skills, and an ability to work and advance independently once trained in a method
  • Enthusiasm for a demanding, fast-paced R&D role in a small-startup environment

Desired Skills and Background

  • Prior hands-on experience with one of the following:
    • Molecular biology techniques (e.g. PCR/qPCR, RT, electrophoresis, etc.)
    • Chemical and biochemical techniques (e.g. UV and fluorescence spectroscopy, bioconjugation, etc.)
  • Scientific knowledge relevant to nucleic acids and NGS
  • Knowledge of common maths/statistics relevant to scientific research