Graduate Analyst at ContactEngine
London, GB
A bit about ContactEngine…  
It’s more than likely that you or someone you know will have had a conversation with ContactEngine – you (or they) just won’t know it.  ContactEngine helps some of the biggest companies in the world to have proactive, automated conversations with their customers – millions of unique conversations occurring across the globe each year, at any time, with 0.5s response time to a customer.   
ContactEngine has a team of 90 people working across the UK (Shoreditch HQ) and USA (Washington HQ), though mostly all working from home now for virus-related reasons.  Scale up, not start up.  Why should that excite you?  Well, it means your work is highly-visible and you’ll deliver real impact – no small cogs in big machines here.   
…and more about the role
We’re looking to hire up to 3 Graduate Analysts to join our growing team.  At this point we expect you’ll be thinking something along the lines of ‘aha, that ever so helpful catch all job title of ‘Analyst’, sounds nice but what does it even mean?’.  Well, here is what it means at ContactEngine:
▪ Working with the Customer Success and Sales teams to design and build the specification for new proactive conversations, both for new and existing clients ▪ Being responsible for building and configuring new proactive conversations in the ContactEngine product, as well as making tweaks to existing ones (none of which requires you to be a software developer) ▪ Analyzing the performance of proactive conversations to ensure KPIs are being met and to identify improvement opportunities (some of this can be done using our reporting tool, but some will need more hands-on analytics), and taking this right through into presentation of findings

Graduate Analyst
Starting as Graduate Analyst in the company will give you a strong foundation in the ContactEngine product by being at the ‘coal face’ of the company.  We don’t expect you to stay there forever.  Quite the opposite in fact, we want it to be the basis from which to start a career with us, and this could go in any direction – it could be further into the world of Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps (look it up), perhaps Marketing, maybe Sales, or possibly Customer Success.  In other words, consider the Graduate Analyst role your starting point.
Who we’re looking for
In terms of the type of person that we’re looking for, you will be:
• Inquisitive with a passion for learning • A keen problem solver • Driven to deliver • Have professional pride and take ownership of your own work • Thrive on working in a team
Now, at this point most companies would list the specific skills for the role that you must have.  We’re a little more relaxed than that.  Below is a short wish list of skills – if you have some of them, great, but if you don’t have them all, then it doesn’t preclude you from applying.  We just want to know you’re keen to learn those skills on the job.
• Whilst you don’t have to be a mathematician, you do need to be comfortable with doing quantitative analysis using Excel (any skills in quantitative tools such as R, MatLab, or Python an added bonus) • Familiarity with SQL • Familiarity with Java and/or C#
What you’ll get out of it
Your starting salary will be £30,000 per annum.  In addition to which you will get:
• Valuable skills in an award-winning, highly successful scale-up tech organisation • The opportunity to pursue certifications/qualifications relevant to your role (AWS certifications, SQL training courses, etc.)

Graduate Analyst
• Mentorship and support from a senior team member • A flexible working environment – it really doesn’t matter where you work (except we do ask that you come to customers premises at least once a week).  We also have a core and ever-present team in London (well, until this virus hit we did)