Senior Data Engineer at ContactEngine
United Kingdom
We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join our growing company working on a variety of applications and services to support our omni-channel, interactive communication platform. We offer a friendly and flexible working environment that is currently 100% remote with occasional team meetups in the London or Northampton area.

The ideal candidate willhave a previous background as a DBA, a senior developer, or a data scientist. Very good communication skills are essential, as is experience working with complex data at scale. Experience with a variety of types of modern database would be valuable, combined with the knowledge of operational challenges supporting these in a large cloud-based estate.

Knowledge, expertise and thought leadership are more important than hands-on skills for this role, but we do need someone who’s happy to get into the detail of the problem rather than just “manage”. A deep technical consultancy approach which then leads to plans for others to implement is desirable. The candidate must be prepared to acquire a deep understanding of our data, how it is structured, where the value is and operational demands upon it. As a leader they need to know what good looks like and be able to measure our progress towards technical excellence,and to do that they must live, eat and breath ContactEngine data.

Key Responsibilities

Develop and guide our strategy and architecture with databases and reporting data
Help evolve our standards and best practices with data across the business
Analyse ourdata and advise where we can realise value from it
Monitor and advise on database performance
Propose and plan for strategies to allow us to scale the way we process and store our data
Work closely on a consultancy basis with various teams with touchpoints in this field
Provide hands-on expertise when needed for proof of concept work, or as the situation demands



Extensive experience working with relationaland non-relational databases, key-value and document storesat scale (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch).
Experience working with data warehouse, data lakes, and the associated ETL and reporting tools (e.g. Redshift, Matillion, AWS Glue, Tableau, Looker)
Expertise and understanding of architectures needed to build business-centric reports from complex data
A track record in delivering well architected data and reporting solutions
Demonstrable data and reporting problem solving, and data modelling ability
Good knowledge around GDPR compliance, international data governance and security (e.g. ISO 27001)
10+ years relevant industry experience


Experience architecting database solutions in AWS
Automation and data CI/CD
Experience with column based and graph-based databases like Cassanda and Neo4J
Performance, optimisation, and tuning skills with relational and non-relational databases
Project management skills
Agile framework experience