Software Engineer at Lumeon
London, GB
Company Background
Lumeon provides Care Pathway Management (CPM) solutions that enable healthcare organizations to efficiently coordinate healthcare delivery and quickly launch next-generation care experiences. Its industry-leading automation platform acts as the ‘auto-pilot’ for healthcare delivery, automatically handling routine care tasks, communicating with patients along the way, while assisting care teams to focus their time on those most at risk. Care teams are prompted to make decisions, take control and intervene when required. Lumeon’s CPM platform also seamlessly integrates and compliments provider investments in their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.
More than 70 progressive health systems in the USA and Europe have deployed Lumeon’s multi-award-winning platform.
You will work within a cross-functional, Agile team to further develop our world class, web-based, healthcare platform. As a software engineer, you will thrive on technical challenges and shall harness your problem-solving and analytical abilities to quickly become an effective member of your team. Rapidly learning new software, standards and processes will be frequently required in this role, as will collaboration with a wide range of colleagues across Engineering and other parts of the business. 

Key Responsibilities

    • Working alongside an experienced team of developers and software architects to implement features, resolve bugs and develop technical improvements
    • Following Agile development methodologies to deliver high quality, working software on a timely basis
    • Performing code reviews and sometimes participating in technical design discussions and workshops with more senior colleagues
    • Working with the broader business, including QA and Product teams, in a professional and adaptable manner, to ensure the completion of projects in line with customer and business expectations

Essential Experience - Technical

    • Good back-end coding skills and relevant prior experience – As a minimum, you will have a good foundational knowledge of software engineering and/or computer science, gained through a suitable formal qualification or prior employment. You will be particularly proficient in writing object orientated PHP (version 5.3+) and must be used to working with common PHP tools on a day to day basis (such as Composer and Xdebug). Very importantly, we expect our software engineers to quickly get up to speed with existing solutions, so you should be used to working with non-trivial code bases. 
    • Sound grasp of OOP principles and a desire to learn – You should have a sound understanding of fundamental object orientated programming principles, and at least some prior experience utilising common design patterns in your code. Any knowledge of more advanced practices and principles, such as SOLID, will be valuable, but not essential in this role.
    •  Sound front-end development skills and experience – This may be a relatively small part of the work you do, but you should certainly have decent capabilities in vanilla JavaScript and CSS/SCSS so that you can sometimes undertake front-end development work. 
    • Experience using one or more PHP MVC frameworks
    • Some experience with refactoring techniques
    • An understanding of both monolithic and distributed web application architecture, including the HTTP protocol, session management, APIs and authentication
    • A sound understanding of basic secure coding practices
    • Experienced using GIT on a daily basis
    • A moderate level of fluency in SQL and familiarity with basic database administration

Essential Experience - Non-technical

    • Good communication and interpersonal skills - You must be comfortable explaining complex ideas to technical colleagues, and also be happy to work with non-technical teams across the business on a regular basis. You should be able to consider other’s opinions and needs, be a good listener and be able to express your own ideas and give feedback in a constructive way.
    •  Some experience or knowledge of Agile methodologies - You should have some knowledge, or ideally prior experience following Agile development methodologies. This will make settling into our software engineering department easier for you. The way we work is often fast paced with rapidly changing priorities, so you should be at home operating in such an environment.
    • Calm and resilient under pressure – We try not to place undue pressure or unrealistic expectations on our developers, but the reality is that sometimes work builds up and time runs out, creating challenging situations. You will need to be capable of coping when this happens, maintaining your composure and remaining effective.
    • Able to work in a collaborative team environment - We pride ourselves on allowing all developers to make suggestions and participate equally in tech meetings, code reviews and day to day debates. Sharing of ideas and working together is encouraged. You should be used to working like this, and not be afraid to have your work and ideas discussed and critiqued on a regular basis.

Preferred Experience

    • Recent experience using the Symfony framework (v2 or above)
    • Testing frameworks such as PHPUnit and Codeception
    • Prior experience with other programming languages. The ability and willingness to pick up new languages quickly when required will be a definite bonus.
    • Experience building highly scalable applications using appropriate technologies such as queues would be advantageous, as would knowledge of caching solutions, CI, build and test automation (Jenkins) and containerisation (Docker)
    • Familiarity with the Atlassian suite of software including Jira, Bitbucket and Confluence

Additional Requirements/Qualifications

    • Fluency in English (written/oral)
    • Honest and accountable
    • Customer and business orientated
Lumeon is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants and employees will be considered for employment without regard to ethnicity, color, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, family or parental status, veteran status, neurodiversity status, disability status or any other basis protected by applicable law.