Senior research engineer at Secondmind
Cambridge, GB

This is an exciting opportunity to join a team at the forefront of artificial intelligence and machine learning. At Secondmind, we’re developing cutting edge technologies based on probabilistic modelling and active learning in order to help our customers solve their most challenging optimisation and design problems. Our solutions are for example used in the automotive industry to improve the efficiency and sustainability of powertrain development, but our approach is generic enough to be relevant across different domains.

You will be working as an engineer within our research group Secondmind Labs, on the development and refinement of our ML tools as well as guiding their application within customer engagements to deliver more customer value. Secondmind Labs is the home of several open source projects such as GPflow for Gaussian process models and Trieste for Bayesian Optimisation. Your role will involve participating in these projects with the opportunity to take a leading role in one of them.

What will you be responsible for?

  • Progressing the toolboxes and supporting technology, so that we can be confident about their robustness and the value they deliver to customers.
  • Working with our researchers and customer facing teams to improve the usability of our open source toolboxes and ensure they can be used seamlessly in our customer solutions.
  • Identifying and implementing standards around toolboxes and their surrounding infrastructure, so that they can be used by both researchers and customer facing teams. 
  • Build and extend one open-source toolbox and engage with the associated user community.

In your role as a Senior Research Engineer, a successful outcome is the development and progression of toolboxes so that they bridge the gap between mathematical rigor and engineering robustness. Ultimately, you will be driving their progress towards technical readiness for use within a large range of real-world applications.


What skills, experience, and qualifications do you need to succeed in this role?

You will be responsible for identifying how to best progress and develop our ML toolboxes to assist our modelling teams to better take advantage of their capabilities. You will enjoy solving technical problems, and be able to share this enthusiasm with others in your team.

Working within Secondmind Labs, you will understand the research approach and have a good foundation in probabilistic modelling and optimisation, as well as the ability to actively engage with researchers on technical discussions. 

You will be someone who has industry experience working in software engineering or machine learning engineering, and a strong appreciation of both. Our product is built on top of Python / Tensorflow and we expect candidates to have a deep knowledge of at least one programming language (e.g. Python or C++) and one Machine learning framework (e.g. TensorFlow or PyTorch). You will be able to successfully apply good engineering practices and design choices so that the toolboxes are functionally robust and maintainable. Ideally, you will also have experience with GPU computing and be aware of hardware considerations. 

You will have an ability to successfully communicate across different technical areas, and coordinate across different stakeholder groups. Your work will coordinate across these areas, and work strongly with your team in Secondmind Labs, yet you have the scope to identify how you want to drive your work forward and coordinate with others in different groups. 

You will ideally hold a Master degree (and potentially a PhD) in computer science, software  engineering, statistics, machine learning or other numerate fields. Other degrees will be considered with relevant work experience.

You will be someone who actively improves your technical knowledge, either through identifying relevant courses and conferences, or pursuing self-study as needed. We encourage sharing knowledge throughout the team through internal seminars, lightning talks, and participating in training activities.

Flexible policy for remote working

Currently, Secondmind supports remote-based work, with our office open to a limited number of people who wish to work from there. Remote working will continue to be an option when our office fully reopens later this year, but we will promote a hybrid working model.  In this role, it will be preferred that you work 2 - 3 days per week with your team in our office, but we will also consider remote workers and are happy to discuss individual preferences.

About Secondmind

Founded in 2016 with a mission to enable better decision making, Secondmind is a world-class team of researchers, data scientists, engineers and product managers who apply years of award-winning machine learning research to real-world problems. 

We take pride in our diversity, valuing the experience and expertise that people from different backgrounds bring to our organisation. Our team of talented people from all over the globe is collaborative, innovative, ambitious, optimistic and curious.

Secondmind is based in Cambridge, UK, a global centre of AI and machine learning excellence, and backed by leading venture funds including Amadeus Capital, Atlantic Bridge, and Cambridge Innovation Capital, among others.


Competitive salary, dependent on experience. Stock options and comprehensive benefits.