Machine Learning Engineer at Pimloc
London, GB

Pimloc is recruiting for ML Engineers to support delivery of the current product roadmap and future technologies. This role includes a mixture of research, development and deployment activities, covering state-of-the-art machine learning models for object detection, segmentation, and tracking for numerous applications including video analytics and privacy. ML Engineers are members of the ML Team that report to the CTO, and perform a critical role in future IP development and generating capability to underpin Pimloc’s business growth.

Day to day responsibilities include:

  • Design and implement computer vision models for objection detection, segmentation, and tracking.

  • Stay up to date with latest developments in ML and rapidly prototype new advances in computer vision research.

  • Provide input into the direction of the business and future product road maps.

  • Develop, support, and maintain the pipelines that underlie Pimloc’s ML technologies.

  • Communicate, liaise, and coordinate activities with Pimloc colleagues both within and outside the ML Team.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Masters or PhD in a relevant field, ideally with a publication record.

  • Excellent theoretical grounding in ML concepts and algorithms.

  • Experience with a broad range of supervised and unsupervised methods, e.g. random forests, support vector machines, linear/logistic regression, dimensionality reduction, clustering, ensemble methods, bootstrapping, maximum likelihood estimation, and Bayesian methods.

  • Experience training a range of deep learning architectures ( e.g. multilayer perceptrons, recurrent networks, and convolutional networks).

  • Experience developing cutting-edge computer vision models for image classification and object detection (e.g. ResNets, RCNNs).

  • Experience implementing, adapting, and optimising published state of the art deep learning models.

  • Fluency in Python.

  • Proficiency using Python numerical packages (e.g. NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn).

  • Proficiency using Python deep learning framework (e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch).

  • Experience with software engineering practices, such as using version control and continuous integration.

  • Excellent communication skills with both technical and non-technical audiences.

  • A passion for machine learning, learning new skills, and actively staying up to date with the latest research.

What we offer

This is a great chance to join a young company with a dynamic culture, exciting market and outstanding technology backed by world class investors. We live by our brand values: Trusted, Independent, Ingenious and Eclectic.

About us

Founded in 2016, Pimloc is a British technology company on a mission to advance visual AI systems in the interests of people and their freedoms. The risks associated with video surveillance have fundamentally shifted - we unknowingly give away our freedom every time we walk down the street, enter a store, commute to work or watch a game. We are developing systems that will allow businesses to increase security without compromising personal privacy.

Pimloc’s technologies are powered by the latest developments in deep learning for the automated detection and redaction of personal information (PII) in video. Pimloc’s Secure Redact SaaS solution ( allows all businesses to anonymise personal data in video so that it can be processed for security and analytics whilst still protecting privacy. This can be used for specific compliance requests to create anonymised video clips of incidents, or to anonymise live video streams for wider sharing and analytics.

Pimloc is currently working across diverse sectors including: entertainment venues, retail, hospitality, education, manufacturing, transport, healthcare, law enforcement and local government. These sectors are relying on Pimloc’s services to deal with data protection compliance and to maintain trust in their operations with the public, customers and employees. Pimloc is starting to explore new markets in Smart City, Insurance and video privacy/security use cases.

The market opportunity is vast and growing, Pimloc has recently raised material venture capital from leading investors and now wants to expand the team to take advantage of the market and our solutions competitive advantage.


Candidates are requested to provide links to their own code repositories (e.g. hosted on GitHub) and authored research publications (e.g. hosted on inside their application.